Quick Checklist for making a Will

In these uncertain times in view of the Covid-19 Climate, it is important to be prepared for the worse-case scenario. As it may not be possible to consult a lawyer immediately, we provide a brief checklist below to prepare a Will at home.

We advise that the Will be registered, notarized, be printed on a stamp paper and preferably drafted by a counsel but in case of emergency, a self-made Will is better than no Will at all.

Please consider this check-list as a Guideline only.

  • Make a list of all immovable properties – whether held solely or jointly.
  • Make a list of all movable properties – such as vehicles, jewellery, heirloom.
  • Make a list of all insurance policies – health, life-insurance.
  • Make a list of all investments – mutual funds, fixed deposits, recurring deposits, etc. (include names of nominees).
  • Make a list of all bank accounts along with branch information, bank account details, lockers if any (include names of nominees).
  • Attach documents wherever possible. (Eg. Property deeds, investment information, pan card, aadhaar card, voters id, etc.)
  • Determine the person you are bequeathing property to with as much detail as possible.
  • Keep two witnesses, preferably not the people who are receiving the bequests.
  • If you have time, get it registered. A registered Will is
    air-tight and can sustain litigation.
  • Make multiple notarized copies/ photocopies and give it to at least 2-3 people. Do not leave it in a locker.




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